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A conference for Palestinian entrepreneurs to network with international companies in Palestine.

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Engineer Osama Sa’dawi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, confirmed that the first Palestinian International Conference on the Incubator Environment for Entrepreneurship is a platform that will bring Palestinian entrepreneurs from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem to network with more than 100 companies and investment funds and European and international entrepreneurial institutions at home.

During his meeting with a number of journalists, Eng. Osama Al-Sa’dawi reviewed the preparations for the conference which will be held under the patronage and participation of Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh, on the 17th of this month in the Conference Palace in Bethlehem.

Sa’dawi explained that the idea of ​​the conference in response to the results of assessments conducted by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment on the leadership sector in cooperation with partners during the past months, which showed that Palestine does not exist on the global platforms for leadership and creativity, in addition to the lack of adequate coordination among the actors in this area. This event is an important opportunity to put Palestine on the world map in terms of leadership and innovation.

"We believe in Palestinian entrepreneurs, we believe in their ability to organize, network and capture opportunities, and to represent the true spirit of Palestinian innovation and excellence," Sa’dawi said. And international investors under one roof at home, making it easier for Palestinian entrepreneurs to present ideas and network."

Al-Sa’dawi added that Palestine will witness for the first time such a large international presence to support entrepreneurship. This is proof of the interest of international institutions, entrepreneurs and international experts on Palestinian entrepreneurs. We are confident that international investors and companies will be impressed by what they will see and hear from Palestinian entrepreneurs.

A high-level delegation from the World Economic Forum (WEF) will participate in the conference, including officials and executives from major companies such as Orange and Dell, as well as a number of major European companies specialized in the field of technology.

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