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Foreign Aid Management in Palestine

The Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction “PECDAR”, which was the first Palestinian institution established by the PLO and the first Palestinian Institution that dealt with donors assistance to Palestine is pleased to gather and publish this data for the benefit of decision makers, both public and private sector institutions, researchers, investors, local and international NGOs, international and regional donors.
Distribution of Aid by Donor
(Over 200M)
(Over 100M and less 200M )
(Over 20M and less 50M)
(Over 1M and less 20M)
(Less 1M)
*** Aid Data is completed for the period between 1994- 2022, while it’s partially completed for the years 2023, & 2024.

*** Data presented is Gathered from different resources, and its subject to revision and update.
Foreign Aid Trend
Data Completed

Data Partially completed

Top Donors

# Country Amount (USD)
1European Union and Its Institutions7,654,030,000
2United States5,746,701,000
3Saudi Arabia4,027,730,000
8World Bank1,316,510,000
*** Amounts above does not include donor’s contribution to UNRWA budget

Distribution of Aid by Sector

P.A. Budget Support ($14,380,960,000)
Education ($1,807,080,968)
Health ($1,204,246,611)
Agricluture ($432,813,000)
Transport, Communication& Storge ($369,661,000)
Trade and Tourism ($373,100,000)
Business and other services ($324,853,000)
Industry,mining & construction ($447,884,000)
Water supply and sanitation ($1,786,075,000)
Other social Infrastrucutre and services ($5,637,947,000)
Other Sectors ($6,662,958,105)
Unspecified / Unallocated ($7,150,999,000)
*** Part of the aid data for the period between 1994 – 2004 for some donors is recorded under (Unspecified / Unallocated Sector).
*** Part of the data recorded under (other social infrastructure, & Services belongs to both Health, & Education Sectors).
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