Palestinians celebrate the Palestinian Child Day on the fifth of April each year. They celebrate the builders of the country, its greatest resource, and the wealth of the future. This day is about setting a new vision for a better future for every child.
Palestinian workers risk their lives to work in Israel, where they are exploited as cheap labour, and women face subjugation in Israeli companies.
The preliminary results of the Palestinian balance of payments for the fourth quarter of 2020 showed an incessant deficit in the current account (goods, services, income, current transfers), which totaled $292 million, according to a joint Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and Palestine...
In reaction to Israel’s announcement on sending surplus vaccines to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Honduras, and Guatemala, Oxfam Acting Country Director in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Dina Jibril has described the deal as "shameful", as millions of Palestinians are left to wait.
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