This governmental hospital will serve more than 200,000 Palestinians. The construction of this hospital (along with the H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas’ Hospital in Halhoul, Hebron) will reduce the load on Hebron’s Governmental Hospital. It will contribute in providing the best health service for the...
third season, achieved its goal of celebrating creativity and creators, because the individual’s creativity is an incentive of development.
espite the decline in Gazan’s index. As such, the overall extended PMABCI increased from its lowest this year (-4.9 points in July) to around -3.8 points in August. Moreover, it remained higher than the index of August 2017 (-12.1 points)
He pointed out that the funding mechanism of UNRWA is now through donations from countries directly to the Agency, explaining that the annual budget of the Agency estimated at 1.2 billion dollars, and the United States contributes $ 350 million annually.
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