Editorial Policy

General Principles for the editorial policy of Palestine Economy Portal

Palestine Economy Portal is a designed to provide economic news, updates and information for citizens, investors, researchers and for those who are interested in the Palestinian economy and all of its sectors.

The main goal is to shed light on the Palestinian economic activity, developmental efforts with regard to small-size and cooperative development projects, medium-size projects, big-size projects, in addition to raising the level of knowledge for citizens regarding their economic and developmental rights and the methods to access the economic services that are provided by the different sectors.

It also seeks to enrich researchers with the latest intellectual and research studies in the economic field and providing financial and economic data with regard to the national economy.

Palestine Economy Portal is one of the programs of Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR).

This policy is based on principles that take into consideration the communication dimension, while at the same time understanding the uniqueness of the economic media work, believing that the goal we are working for will serve our Palestinian people, by providing information for their benefits and needs.   

We affirm our respect to the international human charters, our commitment to the laws governing the media in Palestine and the rules and professional ethics. We are also working on developing the profession to ensure free and contemporary media.

We also strive to practice the media’s enlightening role on practicing the roles of transferring economic information, and advising the citizens. We are committed to maintaining the status and prestige of the press by considering it a fourth authority. We will strive to empower our journalists through qualifications, trainings, monitoring and evaluation.

This policy obligates us to act accordingly, confirming that our quest will always develop this policy to fit every update and what calls for the needs and interests of the public. We call upon all those interested to continue with the communication and interaction for the benefit of this purpose.

General Principles

  • We believe in all the human rights charters, conventions and laws, including the laws that protect the economic rights. We strive to defend these rights and enabling the public to practice them.
  • We are absolutely biased to the facts and chronicles of our work in economic media and we will not back down from this bias. 
  • We try to be accurate with all the information that we publish even if it was on the account of speed in transferring events.
  • We practice freedom of speech and expression and seek to defend and be devoted to them.
  • Practicing bias during analysis and relying on numbers and comparisons in the analysis for the picture to be clear.
  • We respect the right of individuals, companies and institutions in securing their personal, familial and professional privacy and their right of maintaining their personal, familial and business reputation.
  • We distinguish between the private life of public figures, and their family members, their behaviors and economical activities that affect the public.
  • We abide by getting the news from the main source or from the relevant parties.
  • We assure you that we will attribute the news and materials that we publish to their original source with proper citation.
  • We assure you that we will secure privacy of our sources.
  • We respect all religions, beliefs, the rights of minorities and the customs, traditions and cultures of the people. 
  • We renounce the incitement and promoting hatred and the call for violence and creation of tension in the civil peace.
  • We take the news value into consideration with regard to priority and importance. We also strive to have comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the news. We tend to compare the information and numbers when needed.
  • We adhere taking into consideration the gender and gender equality in all of our media coverage, changing the negative stereotyping of women in our society either within the content of the portal, or by introduction of more women in the news as people with demands or as economic speakers or specialists.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, and women owners of projects and giving women a better attention and non-standardization of women's businesses.
  • We commit to correcting our faults and being fair to those affected them and providing them with opportunity and right of fair response.
  • We supply a clear mechanism as to receiving complaints through the “icon” available on our portal.
  • We commit ourselves to hiring and accommodating people with disabilities according to the Palestinian law.
  • We pledge to practice a positive discrimination policy in favor of people with special needs and all the marginalized groups along with the less fortunate in the society, whether they were owners of economic projects or affected in order to support within the society and defend them.
  • We pledge ourselves to the Palestinian law  with regard to electoral propaganda.
  • We undergo the laws and ethics that the social media undergoes during the electoral propaganda.
  • We pledge ourselves to striving to build a wider base for solidarity and cooperation with those working in media. In addition to pushing more towards specialization in economic media and economic coverage.
  • We cooperate with vast number of colleges and academic institutes that teach media by providing trainings for students on economic media to the best of our knowledge and according to the Memoranda of bilateral cooperation.
  • We pledge ourselves to maintain the best quality of technical standards for all of our productions.
  • We pledge not to be involved in any commercial competition.
  • We commit to publishing financial data for companies and any other data that is important to the shareholders in shareholding companies.