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Majdalani: holding on to the prisoners’ issue... their salaries are not subject to political exploitation

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Ahmad Majdalani, member of the executive committee of the PLO, affirmed that the Palestinian leadership is holding on to the prisoners’ cause and that their salaries are not subject to political exploitation.

He added: “The State of Palestine is continuing with its duty towards the families of the prisoners, as the President assured, and we will pay their salaries even if what is left is only one dollar.”

During an event organized by the Palestinian Tunisian Friendship Association, Majdalani said: “the prisoners’ cause is a national public issue; it is part of every house and every Palestinian family.”

He continued that the Palestinian leadership seeks to internationalize this issue with all of its efforts, and many international conferences were held for this issue, with the participation of legal experts. These files have been referred to the International Criminal Court.

He noted that “the honorable child prisoners became a symbol of struggle for a broader Arab and international solidarity, and through that we assure you of the priority of the prisoners’ issue and that they are the prisoners of freedom and struggle. They are subject to the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian cooperation.”

The representative of prisoners’ affairs, Abdulqader Al-Khatib, said “the prisoners’ issue will remain ongoing as long as the occupation stands, and we are here to face it. The file of the detainees is sacred and shall not be permissible or inadmissible. We work hard in order to work with this file and hope to see all the prisoners with us outside the Fascist Israeli prisons.

He added that the occupation is destined to depart from our land, that’s an ongoing struggle that the freedom prisoners go through, with their sacrifices and legendary steadfastness; they were able to become a distinctive national title.  

In the end, freed prisoners were honored by the Palestinian Tunisian Friendship Association; Ahed Tamimi, Shadi Farrah, and Malak Ghaith.  

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