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“Ministry of Agriculture”: Resumes working with Import Permits authorized before the 28th of this month

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The MOA announced, Sunday evening that the work will resume to issue import permits for products that were authorized before 28/12/2018 using the same work mechanisms without any change. This was put into action after the Israeli occupation authority withdrew from the unjust decision regarding Palestinian farmers, and re-opening the borders once again for the Palestinian fruits and vegetables to enter the markets in the 1948 lands.

The Ministry assured, in a statement, that it will reserve the right to return to any arrangement that it considers appropriate in case the occupation authority tries to harm the Palestinian farmers again in any way.

The Ministry added that this decision came after consultation with the Cabinet under the support of Prime Minister Rami Hamadallah who is supportive of the Agricultural sector as well as all other sectors, and in high consultations with ministries and government institutions, in particular General Authority of Civil Affair.

This took place after the MOA proved its competence in leading the agricultural sector and coordinating work between institutions and individuals, and its ability to respond to the decisions of the occupation authorities in the same manner and most importantly its adherence to the rights of the Palestinian farmer in his land and market as this farmer is the title of the Ministry’s work and goal.

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