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The Occupation plans on cutting 100 million NIS as a punishment for prisoners and martyrs.. Abu Baker assures that the provisions will not stop

Ramallah – Hamza Khalifa – Palestine Economy Portal

The President of the Ministry of Detainees and ex-Detainees, Qadri Abu Baker, said that the Occupations’ government decision of cutting the prisoners’ and martyrs’ salaries of the Palestinian tax revenues comes in the context of the criminalization of our people's ongoing struggles over dozens of years.

The President of the Occupation government, Benjamin Netenyahu, announced on Sunday that the “Cabinet” will decide next week will decide the decision to deduct the salaries of prisoners and martyrs of Palestinian tax revenues.

Abu Baker explained in an interview with the “Palestine Economy Portal” that this decision is not new and was not surprising. “A couple of months ago, the Cabinet approved the first, second, and third readings of the decision to cut the salaries of prisoners and the families of martyrs. The decision will be implemented next week.”

He added that the value of the money that the Occupations intends to cut out reaches 100 million NIS monthly, The occupation intends to cut it under the so-called prisoners “hands stained in blood”, which will greatly affect the salaries of prisoners’ and martyrs’ families.

But Abu Baker assured that the salaries won’t stop.

On addressing this resolution, Abu Baker assured that the President Mahmoud Abbas will address this issue as a top priority during his international and regional tours. He also announced a reconsideration of the agreements and deal with a different position towards all agreements signed with "Israel", whether political or economic agreements.

He continued: “the second step was formulated in the stance of the ministry of finance when it was informed of the decision; the ministry said that it will not receive the final amount if the part was deducted, and this comes as a part of the pressure on the Occupations’ government.”

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