PCBS: a decrease in PPI during March 2019

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The PCBS database shows that the overall Produce Product Index (PPI) decreased by 0.87% in March 2019, compared to February 2019; in which the overall PPI reached 100.25 in March 2019 compared to 101.13 in February 2019.  

PPI for locally consumed products

The local PPI decreased by 0.96%, in which the PPI of March 2019 reached 100.14 compared to February 2019; which reached 101.11 (base year 2018 = 100).  

PPI for local exported products

The PPI of the exported products decreased by 0.13%; in which the PPI reached 101.16 in March 2019 compared to 101.29 in February 2019 (base year 2018 = 100).

Product Price Movement through major activities

The PPI of agriculture, forestry and fishing goods - with a relative importance of 32.14% of the product basket- decreased by 1.84% due to the decrease in the product price within the non-permanent crops cultivation activity by 4.29%. It decreased by 4.76% due to the decrease of product price of cultivation of vegetables, melons, roots and tubercles.  The product price within the permanent perennial crops decreased by 1.27% due to the 6.59% decrease in citrus cultivation, even though there was a 0.90% increase in the fishing activity and a 0.40% increase in the animal production activity, affected by an increase in the prices of raising cows and buffalos by 3.78%.

According to the statistics, the water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities -with a relative importance of 1.69% of the product basket- decreased by 0.54%.

The manufacturing PPI decreased by 0.54%; with a relative importance of 55.59% of the product basket. The decrease was due to the 7.91% decrease in the product prices of printing and media cloning activities. The prices of the manufacturing of vegetable and animal oils and fats decreased by 3.84%, while the furniture manufacturing prices decreased by 1.19% and the decrease of manufacturing of bakery products by 0.86%. While the manufacturing of other nonmetallic metal products not elsewhere classified decreased by 0.72%, the manufacturing of metal products other than machinery and equipment decreased by 0.64%, and the manufacturing of concrete, cement, and gypsum decreased by 0.47%. All of these manufacturing decreased even though the manufacturing of textiles increased by 2.75%, the manufacturing of chemicals and chemical products prices increased by 1.64%, jewelry and related items increased by 1.39%, and processing prices and meat conservation increased by 1.05%.

The prices of mining and quarrying industry products decreased by 0.25%; with a relative importance of 1.26% in the product basket.

While the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply increased by 0.43%; with a relative importance of 9.33% in the product basket. 

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