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“Israel”: resumes production in Tamar gas field after Gaza Truce

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The Israeli ministry of Energy announced, on Monday, that Israel will resume gas production from the Tamar field after reaching an agreement which ceased fire between the occupation and the Palestinian factions in Gaza Strip.

Yuval Steinitz, The minister of Energy, ceased the processes of Tamar field on Sunday May 5th 2019 when violence escalated on the border, based on his description. Tamar field is known to be the main source of natural energy for Israel. The productive platform of Tamar field is located off the southern coast of Israel and within the range of rockets coming from the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry said in a statement that Steinitz issued instructions to the operating company of Tamar to be ready to resume operations. The operating company of Tamar, “Nobel Energy”, is located in Texas.

In a similar context, Israeli forces and the factions in Gaza ceased fire with Egyptian and international efforts after two days of Israeli military escalation. This escalation caused the death of 25 citizens, including children and women, more than 160 were injured, properties and locations were destroyed.

Source: Reuters

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