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Saudi Arabia designates 25 thousand sacrifices of meat for Gaza Strip

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The KSA’s project of benefiting from the sacrificial meat announced that the shipment of 25 thousand sacrifices of meat in Mecca is ready to be sent to Gaza Strip via13 trucks. Coinciding with the start of Ramadan, it will cross approximately 1000 Kilometers in order to reach Gaza Strip.  

Bandar Hajjar, the president of the Islamic Development Bank and the president of the benefits of meat and sacrificial meat committee, explained that the meat will be distributed to half a million Palestinian in need in Gaza Strip. Through a specific distribution mechanism, each family will receive 10 Kilograms of meat preserved within a special package, in coordination with the receiving party, the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in the Gaza Strip.

The media office of the Saudi Embassy in Cairo explained in a press release on Sunday that Hajjar said that the project took the necessary measures and precautions to ensure the arrival of such meat in a manner that preserves its safety and validity for consumption. He added that they coordinated with specialized parties in Egypt in order to facilitate the transportation and delivery of sacrificial meat through the port of “Daba-Safaga” and towards “Rafah” border crossing on the Palestinian side.

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