Trump's plan for the Middle East fails at Bahrain

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After the Trump administration presented their economic proposal to set for Israeli-Palestinian peace, a group of indicators show the failure of Bahrain’s convention and with it probably the “Deal of the Century”.

If it was designed to bring peace into Palestine, obviously one major part of the deal, it should meet a minimum acceptance at some political or economic level. However, the Palestinian leadership refused the deal as it did not present any political solution and does not mention anything regarding the Israeli Occupation, Settlements, Palestine, Jerusalem or any other major issue. While all major Palestinian businessmen see that the the deal did not present any practical solution and will never bring any peace or prosperity; nothing different from everything that the U.S previously presented.

The Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that he felt like the initiative “will not really materialize and it’s not going to go anywhere”, Reuters. 

Shtayyeh also told Reuters that “Bahrain was just simply a terrible exercise. I think it’s an economic workshop that has been fully and totally divorced from reality,”

The lack of trust in Trump’s administration shows not only at the Palestinians side, but also obvious in the American’s Administration way of presenting the deal. Instead of presenting actual solutions, Kushner states that “Palestinians have no reason not to trust Trump” as if it is Trump’s own deal, while Trump takes things personally further by saying that the Palestinians will never get the deal unless during his tenure.

The lack of trust continues to show at the Israel level, according to Haartez “Peace to Prosperity’ vision, offers $50 billion fund for investments in Palestinian economy. How does the administration think it will get the money?” 

All these indicators show that the deal is not meant to present any real solution for the Palestinians rather than making additional deals and business opportunities for the U.S and Israel in the Arab countries. According to a report published by the Jewish Post “Over the past ten years, Arab Gulf leaders have publicly been pretending to fully support the Palestinians – and have privately been reneging on their pledges.”


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