Recommendation to strengthen cooperative action to meet Economic Challenges

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Participants in a workshop organized by the Cooperative Work Authority in Ramallah on Tuesday recommended the need to work with the cooperative societies in Palestine to meet the challenges that hinder economic advancement.

The workshop, which was organized with the participation of the Minister of Labor and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Action Authority Nasri Abu Jish, is a celebration of the International Day of Cooperative Action, which falls on July 9, with the aim of boosting production and pioneering work that contributes to building the national economy and building an independent Palestinian state.

"This day was recognized by the United Nations in 1992 as a day of international cooperation, in support of the idea of cooperation and institutions, and the celebration began in 1995. This day aims to raise awareness and knowledge about the idea of cooperation to develop countries with institutions and cooperative societies," Abu Jaish said.

He added, "The cooperative council is important for Palestine, especially in the difficult circumstances under which we live under the financial siege, which aims to impose dictates serving the occupation to end the national project.

He stressed the need for concerted popular and official efforts to make our national project successful. He pointed out that cooperative thinking in Palestine is not new, since it began in 1920 but did not reach the optimum degree that we think in terms of participation rate and membership in cooperative societies.

"The cooperative society is like other institutions in terms of planning, managing operations and carrying out activities, in addition to the volume of relations and cooperation with the community and other institutions," said Jamal Al-Nimr, president of the General Federation of Cooperative Societies.

He stressed the need to strengthen the role of the federations and their support and participation in the decision-making of associations, and the continuous work on building the capacities of the teams of associations in all fields, and help the associations to improve the quality of their products and encourage the local community to deal with them and marketing their products. Joint economic activities ".

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