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Israel will allow settlers to own lands in the West Bank

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While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated his aspiration to impose Israeli sovereignty over settlements, the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea, teams of legal advisers in the so-called Ministry of Security and Military have worked on a legal view and recommendations that allow Jews to own land in the occupied West Bank.

The Haaretz daily reported that Israeli professional teams including lawyers and security services have prepared a document on these recommendations, which allows Jews to purchase and own land in the West Bank as individuals and in private.

Such amendments are introduced, while settler companies are active in seizing private land for Palestinians through forged deals and forgery of documents and taboo documents.

Settler companies have taken over large swathes of land by circumvention, and for the most part have been approved by Israeli courts.

According to the laws in force in the occupied West Bank, only Jordanians, Palestinians or foreigners of Arab origin are allowed to buy and own land there.

Neither the Jews nor the Israelis are allowed to carry out real estate transactions and conclude transactions in the West Bank individually, but only through a company and the approval of the head of the Israeli Civil Administration.

According to the newspaper, this measure, which is considered a curb on the expansion of settlements, led to the emergence of companies such as "Amana" to their owners Ze'ev Hafeer, who currently controls real estate transactions in the West Bank.

 According to the West Bank Attorney, Mainich wrote that there is no legal impediment to changing the law in a decree that the head of the Civil Administration is authorized to allow anyone, regardless of origin, to purchase land in the West Bank.

However, he warned against this procedure and its implications, and called for examining whether these recommendations, view and amendment are in violation of international laws and covenants, calling on the Israeli Ministry of Justice to examine this, proposing at the political level to take into account the international position on this amendment.

The same position was expressed by the Attorney General at the Ministry of Security, who supported the amendment and allowed the Jews to buy land in the West Bank, saying: "The current legislation in the West Bank places difficulties and obstacles to real estate and land deals for any non-Palestinian party seeking to buy land in the West Bank, and this justifies a legislative amendment from It would remove and eliminate the distinction between Arabs and non-Arabs, which does not allow anyone to buy property in the West Bank. ”

The legal viewpoint of the Ministry of Security, prepared by Attorney Hanan Fayangout and Attorney when Arbil, refused to warn the Attorney General in the West Bank against the consequences of international criticism.

The fact that the establishment of Jewish companies to buy land in the West Bank since the 1970s will help promote the success of the proposed amendment and accept it internationally, according to the recommendation of the Israeli Ministry of Security, which also proposes exempting the director of the Civil Administration from the responsibility of approving and approving Jewish land purchases in the West Bank.


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