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Minister of National Economy invites Spanish businessmen to invest in Palestine.

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The Minister of National Economy Khaled Al-Esseily called on Spanish businessmen to invest in Palestine and establish joint investment companies with their Palestinian counterparts in a number of productive sectors and to benefit from the privileges provided by the Palestinian government to investors.

During a meeting with a delegation of Spanish businessmen in the presence of Palestinian businessmen at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Economy, Al-Esseily pointed out the strategy of the Palestinian government to stimulate investment and attract local and foreign investments in a number of sectors, including industry, renewable energy, information technology, agriculture and tourism.

Al-Esseily stressed the readiness to receive foreign investments and provide possible facilities for the success of projects, pointing to the success stories achieved by the private sector in a number of sectors.

Al- Esseily reviewed the investment opportunities and efforts exerted by the Palestinian government to improve the business environment to stimulate investment through continuous review of the legislative environment governing the national economy and providing incentives for investment, stressing that Palestine, despite the challenges, but it is full of investment opportunities encouraging investment.

The Spanish businessmen exchanged with their Palestinian counterparts investment opportunities and possibilities of establishing joint companies that promote joint cooperation relations in addition to a set of pioneering ideas, stressing future cooperation and continued joint coordination.

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