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$ 600 thousand losses of agriculture in Gaza due to the Israeli aggression.

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Preliminary statistics showed that the volume of agricultural losses and damage to the agricultural sector in the governorates of the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli military aggression, amounted to about $ 600 thousand as a preliminary estimate.

The Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement, on Sunday, reviewing the initial damage to the agricultural sector, saying that the losses are estimated at more than $ 600 thousand, stressing that the focus of the Israeli shelling on agricultural facilities aimed at striking the property of farmers and suffering losses, as they are the first line of defense Their people in providing a food basket.

According to the ministry, agricultural damages included plants, animals and fisheries sectors due to aviation aggression or artillery shelling.

The ministry also explained, that there is damage between the total and partial destruction of broiler and laying poultry farms, in addition to the Ethiopian farms, pointing out that there were deaths of thousands of chickens and turkeys.

It also pointed to the damage to farms and warehouses attached to these farms and water reservoirs, as well as the destruction of beehives as a result of direct targeting, warning of the damage to irrigation lines, the main and secondary transporters of farmers' land.

The ministry said in a statement that there were total and partial damage to open field areas planted with various types of vegetables, pointing to the total and partial damage to greenhouses of vegetables, as well as damage to other areas planted with various types of fruit trees. A number of fishing boats were also damaged by shelling of some coastal areas.

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