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An Israeli fear of widespread Boycott after the UN released a list of Companies involved in the illegal settlements.

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After the UN issued, the list of commercial entities involved in illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, known as the “black list”. Israeli officials' raised concerns about using the list to encourage a widespread boycott of private sector work in Israel.

The Israeli authorities were quick to announce their rejection of the list. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to respond to the publication of the regulation; he said in a statement, "Whoever interrupts us will be boycotted” strongly rejecting the movement.

The website of the newspaper "Israel Hayom" pointed out that the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed its consulates in the United States to contact the governors of the states where the headquarters of the American companies that were listed are located on the black list, urging them to issue condemnation statements for the UN report, which includes a list of the companies that are involved in the Israeli settlements located in Occupied territories.

In contrast, the United Nations defended the report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which included the list of involved companies, said spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, Stephen Dougric, in response to reporters' questions about the position of the United Nations Secretary-General on the report, "the report was issued based on An international mandate, and the High Commissioner has implemented the mandate given to her.”

The report presents a number of conclusions based on contacts with those commercial entities that are included in the decision, as well as a comprehensive review and evaluation of available information.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, emphasized that "a careful review process took place before the report was issued, so that it reflects the serious considerations related to this complex and unprecedented mandate, and also so that the report responds, and in an appropriate manner, to the request of the Human Rights Council"; and she hoped that "The report is received without distortion or distortion to serve political or ideological goals."

It is worth to note that many of these companies are located around the US, UK, Netherlands and France. While the majority of the listed companies are headquartered in the Occupied Lands. The report included all the banking and mobile phone companies, the Israeli construction company "Ashtrom", the telecommunications company "Bezeq" and the technology company "Matrix". Also included are the Dutch company, "Bocking Com", which specializes in booking rooms and hotels via the Internet, and American companies active in the field of tourism: "Trip Advisor", "Airbnb" and "Expedia".

For a view on the full list visit: https://www.palestineeconomy.ps/en/Article/16216/

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