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"Yes, we can" campaign to support the governorate of Bethlehem

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The Ministry of Awqaf, the Zakat Fund, the Nablus Zakat Committee, the Al-Safa Dairy Factory, and the Zakat Committees of South and North Hebron have announced the launch of a support campaign for the people of the Bethlehem Governorate under the title "Yes You Can" to confront the Corona pandemic organized with the Central Zakat Committee of Bethlehem.

The campaign seeks to provide needy families, people with limited incomes, and unemployed people with food products from the Al-Safa Dairy Factory as a support and support letter for the Bethlehem Governorate, which has been closed for at least a month after the preventive measures to confront the Corona pandemic.

This campaign comes within the framework of strengthening community solidarity in Palestine, and contributing to the wise efforts taken by the Palestinian government in facing the pandemic, which requires concerted and integrated efforts to reduce its economic and social impacts, especially on the category of needy families and people with limited incomes from our Palestinian people.

The campaign asserted in a press statement that this aid will not be the last and will be circulated in the various governorates of the country. Calling for more efforts to overcome this pandemic and the effects that may have health, social and economic consequences

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