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PECDAR and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing sign a joint cooperation agreement

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The Head of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR) Muhammad Abu Awad and the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Mohammed Zyara, signed a joint cooperation agreement in the fields of competence.

The agreement, which was signed at PECDAR headquarters in Ramallah, came to exchange experiences and strengthen the approach of joint cooperation in the field of competence of the two parties, as Abu Awad said.

Based on the agreement, the directions of the two parties will be activated and implemented in line with the government’s plan and directions aimed at developing and raising the level of cooperation to keep up with and take into account the development that occurred in the fields of engineering and construction projects. In addition to the public works sector, housing and infrastructure.

In turn, Minister Zyara said that this partnership came to frame after long cooperation so that it would be an approach in effect over the coming years, including engineering projects in all fields in the northern and southern governorates.

He explained that this memorandum will reflect its benefits on workers in the two institutions, so that direct cooperation in work will take place without going into the procedures for requesting higher approvals, as the cooperation will also take effect at the technical and administrative level.

The agreement aims to strengthen effective partnership in construction, housing and infrastructure sectors. In addition to cooperation in setting and developing public and private specifications, adopting building codes for all construction works and their materials, and setting up training programs for engineers and specialists in all fields while encouraging the trend towards the use of renewable energy sources in residential buildings.


It was also agreed to the two parties will exvhange cooperation serving the city of Jerusalem to enhance the steadfastness of its people. In addition to supporting the communities affected by the Apartheid and Settlement Wall, in addition to cooperate with the relevant authorities to work on the maintenance and restoration of homes for marginalized and poor families.

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