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Samir Abdelhadi: Prominent Palestinian Architect in Gulf Region


Translated by Tamara Barakat

Samir Mahmoud Abdelhadi was born on May 07, 1942 in Jerusalem. He went to the Friends Boys School in Ramallah, from which he graduated in 1959. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the American University of Beirut in 1964.

During 1964 – 1968, he worked as a site engineer, and later as a senior engineer at a construction company in Tripoli, Libya.

After that, he served as a design engineer and later as the head of the Design Department at the Libyan Ministry of Housing for a period of four years.

In 1972, he joined Khatib and Alami Company in Dubai, as the regional manager of the Gulf region. Three years later, he became one of the Company’s partners. And in 1977, he became its general manager.

In 2000, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Khatib and Alami, and was elected as chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors in 2003.

Abdelhadi heavily contributed through his work in the UAE and Dubai starting from 1972 to the construction of the Gulf region, for Khatib and Alami Consolidated Engineering Company is one of the largest and most prominent companies for engineering consulting services in the region.

Post retirement in 2013. Abdelhadi devoted his time to philanthropy and charity work. He currently serves as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of and the head of the Resource Development Committee in Taawon (Welfare Association). He is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Palestine International Institute and the Arab Student Aid International in Jordan.

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