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Masrouji: Being a Woman is not a Hindrance but a Catalyst\r



Translated by Sabrin Qadah

The family name and economic status was not the leader and compass of Ruba El Masrouji in her career. She is the pioneer woman who proved her worth during her university studies and was awarded the degree of excellence while the job was automatically waiting for her in the family company. In 2007, Raba Al-Masrouji succeeded in receiving a prestigious position as the first Palestinian to receive the position of Chief Executive Officer of a leading securities company, which is al- Mutahida Securities Company.


She has spent more than 18 years in economics and business. She is the mother of three daughters and holds a master's degree in business administration from Birzeit University. The family part of her life has not been a hindrance in the presence of family support and support from the mother in raising girls and the family as a whole, But on the contrary, she has a community work, which keeps her at the top of her giving work without compromising her role in her family.

It is not exclusive to men

 Al Masrouji succeeded in breaking the men's monopoly on this field in the financial sector. She began her work as the company's operations manager, and was driven by passion and challenge in this financial field for more creativity, dedication and long hours of work. "I have gone through several challenges between how to make my passion come true and how to change the stereotype of work in this area. It is a risky area that needs precision, follow-up, awareness and caution," she said.

Imaginary fear

Al-Masrouji describes her beginnings as difficult, in terms of dealing with colleagues and in terms of being considered by the capital market authority to be "responsible" for the work of a general manager, not an executive director, as she was afraid of failure. That fear led her to do further work to prove that she was the best choice.

Masrouji remained a full year under the supervision of the Capital Market Authority until becoming the General Manager and then the CEO of the company, which in this year became one of the best companies in securities.

The multiple situations with Al-Masrouji made her feel that being a woman is an advantage rather than a hindrance to the prevailing expectation. There has been acceptance and encouragement in the financial sector.

"I'm not at the top of my balance, sometimes some work is done at the expense of another job or a family duty, but I try to make a balance so that I can move forward," she said.


Achievement Where?


She is now proud of her achievement and, most importantly, years after taking over this position, she has formed a highly qualified team, a team of great people that made her realize that success for her is only an effort, a passion and a common ambition that made the company at the forefront.
"I've deepened my field of work, studied more in finance and developed a new pattern of work. My colleagues and I developed the research department and we give people accurate information to make their financial decisions smoothly."
At the company level, the company managed to expand, expand branches and open new financial markets. The company was not as strong when it took over its management, while now it is one of the strongest companies in the market.

Community responsibility

In terms of her social responsibility and the company’s  towards her country, she is proud to be a member of several associations and institutions. Despite her limited time, she loves to work in the field of community and leadership work.

The company's most important contribution in the area of ​​social responsibility is its training of a number of graduates who are about to enter the labor market and enable them in the field of financial sciences, through continuous communication and a constant program of communication with Birzeit University in particular, despite the training of a number of students from other universities.

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